Fabric main picture displayed in this page make as reference concerning grain & look. Fabric pictures inside galleries make as reference only for colours. Colour shades in photos may be slightly different from reality.

The APOLLO is a PVC article (Poly Vynil Chloride)  that comes from the further development of the PEGASO item, which preserve its softness and “wearability”.

Furthermore, the microfiber fabric used as a support, as well as ensuring good resistance to stitching and tear, gives the article an elegant backside similar to the real leather.

In addition to this, the Apollo is formulated to overcome the suitability for flame retardant certification regarding fire reaction request in nautical sector.

This item is ideal for the hotel contract sector as well as for the interior decoration of ferries, cruise ships and yachts.

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Composition PVC Item
Application Residential, Out-door, Contract, Nautical, Automotive
Caratteristiche Softness w Elegant backside, Fire resistant, High Abrasion & aging endurance. Available in 26 colour shades.

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